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Technology and Planning for Transport, IP and Interconnection Networks - Telefónica GCTO
Distrito Telefónica, Edificio Sur 3, Planta 3, 28050 Madrid.
Phone: +34913129085

Brief biography

Víctor López (M.Sc. 2005 - Ph.D. 2009) is a Technology Expert at Systems and Network Global Direction in Telefónica gCTIO. He works on the global IP and transport processes of the Telefonica group. Moreover, he is involved in the research projects as well as in the definition of the Telefonica network guidelines for IP and transport networks. He serves as co-chair at the Open Optical Packet Transport group in the Telecom Infra Project. He started his carrier in Telefónica I+D as a researcher (2004). He moved to Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in 2006, where he obtained the Ph.D. He became an Assistant Professor at UAM (2009), working on metro-backbone evolution projects (BONE, MAINS). In 2011, he joined Telefonica I+D as a Technology specialist working on funded research projects from the Telefonica group and the European Commission. He has co-authored more than 200 publications, six patents and contributed to IETF and ONF. Moreover, he is the editor of the book Elastic Optical Networks: Architectures, Technologies, and Control (308 pages, Springer 2016). His research interests include the integration of Internet services over IP/MPLS and optical networks and control plane technologies (PCE, SDN, GMPLS).


My expertise is in the area of Telematics and Communication Networks with a focus on:

  • Metro and core networks (IP/MPLS, optical transport networks).
  • Control plane and management of metro and core networks (SDN, OF, Segment Routing, GMPLS, ASON, PCE).
  • Multilayer and multidomain architectures.
  • Networking traffic characterization and dimensioning analysis.
  • Access networks (xDSL, HFC, FTTx).


More info about my research activities can be found [here].

Telefónica Global CTO

Technology Expert January 2015 – Current

I work at the Technology and Planning for Transport, IP and Interconnection Networks department in the Telefonica Global CTO. Our main purpose is to lead the global RFI and RFQ processes. Moreover, from an R&D perspective, we are leading the network evolution and virtualization guidelines for the Telefonica group based on the research projects funded by the Telefonica group and European Commission.

Telefónica I+D

Technology Specialist August 2011 – December 2014

Telefónica I+D is the research and development company of the Telefonica group. Our role was to lead internal innovation projects as well as collaborate with vendors, research centers and universities to improve the network performance.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Assistant Professor September 2009 – July 2011

During this period, I was involved in project with companies like Telefónica I+D and Optenet and in European research projects. Moreover, I was giving lessons about telematics.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Ph.D. Candidate February 2006 – August 2009

I defended my doctoral thesis on April 17th, 2009. I carried out my research at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, and I was teaching to Telecommunications and Computer Science degrees.

Telefónica I+D

Access and IP/Optical Researcher September 2004 – January 2006

My main role was to contribute to European Union research activities and projects for Telefónica operations related to next generation networks for metro, core and access.